Unleash Your Potential

A program for women seeking renewal and a breakaway from the negative thinking that holds them back

Find clarity, transform your emotional roadblocks into stepping stones for growth and step into a fulfilling life!

Mindset Mastery

A dedicated program designed to explore and reshape your beliefs. Dive deep into your existing mindset, understand its construct, and learn to form empowering beliefs that drive personal growth and happiness.

Actionable Change

This offering helps transform self-awareness and mindset shifts into meaningful action. Utilizing tailored strategies, you'll be guided on how to step confidently from the realm of ideas into the world of tangible change, walking the path of intentional living.

Nurturing Growth

A unique module aimed at fostering a nurturing attitude towards yourself and your overall well-being. Learn how to authentically care for your emotional health, build resilience, and maintain mental clarity, enabling a sustained journey towards a more fulfilled life.

About Me

Magan Geib

Magan Geib, a dedicated coach, sets out on her mission to guide women who seek change in their lives but are bogged down by feelings of sadness, unfulfillment, and a sense of stagnation. Serving women between 30 to 65 years, Magan's innovative approach revolves around the MAGAN Method Coaching. This unique modality explores aspects of Mindset, Awareness, Growth, Action, and Nurturing, fostering a clear understanding of clients' beliefs and behaviors. Magan's aim is clear - to navigate these women to a transformative shift in perspective, ultimately empowering them to lead happier, more fulfilling lives. The result is not just an offering of guidance, but a pathway to a lifetime of betterment. Magan Geib stands as a beacon for women on the precipice of transformation, linking them to their inner strength and potential.


Unlock Your Joy

Tailored for those yearning for transformation yet tangled within an emotional labyrinth

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